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Life Coaching

From nutrition to relationships, Barbara will guide you through your most challenging issues with support and guidance where you need it most. Your six-month program is custom-tailored to your specific goals.

What can you expect during your time with Barbara?

A coach who holds space for you and offers gentle guidance and accountability. 

What's Included:

-Twelve 50-minute sessions (two sessions per month)

-Special session gifts that coincide with your goals

-Complimentary admission to special events

-Session notes

-End of program evaluation

-Discounts on products

Contact Barbara today to get started on your joyful journey.

Gluten-Free Living

Not sure where to begin? Barbara has been gluten-free for almost two years due to gluten sensitivity. She helps support clients who need to remove gluten from their diet through easily manageable practices without the stress. 

Juicing For Health & Sugar Detoxes

Learn about the benefits of juicing in one of Barbara's specialized classes. All classes are by request and scheduled directly with Barbara. Contact her for more information.

To get started, visit the shop and grab your copy of Juicing for Better Health and Barbara's Sugar Detox program.

DNA Testing & Gut Health

DNA testing and gut health support can change your quality of life significantly. Barbara has added DNA testing to her holistic health practice to give her clients the option to finally know why weight loss is so difficult for them and what nutrition options will help them break the weight loss barrier. Stop guessing and get started now. For more information, click Here

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