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Health Coaching

A customized health and wellness program to meet your specific goals is here! Sustainable weight loss and better relationships are The Sophisticated Dieter's forte! Contact Barbara for details and prices.

Clean Eating Solutions

Barbara, The Sophisticated Dieter, feels everyone should have access to affordable, clean, healthy food. She has been using Epicure products since 2021 to help support her clean eating lifestyle and loves it so much that she introduces her clients to it too. They are now Epicure fans and she knows you will be too!

Gluten-Free Living

Barbara is a Certified Gluten-Free Practitioner. She helps support clients who need to remove gluten from their diet for medical purposes. Barbara teaches clients how to live a stress-free gluten-free life. Contact her for more information.


Four times a year Barbara holds wellness retreats in her beautiful hometown of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Get on her email list to get updates on retreat dates and topics.

Juicing For Health & Sugar Detoxes

Learn about the benefits of juicing in one of Barbara's specialized classes or programs. The newest class is just around the corner. Get the details here. Get on the email list for future dates and times.

Sugar detoxes can be unpleasant but so worth the benefits! Private and group detoxes are available here or you can shop for your comprehensive at-home program here.

DNA Testing & Gut Health

DNA testing along with gut health support can significantly change your quality of life. Barbara has included these options in her holistic practice to help people finally know why they can't lose weight and what nutritional options are best for them, so they can stop guessing. For more information please contact her.

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